Come to us when you need a car fast, and avoid dealing with the Big Rental Corps.

I started Frisco Auto Rental after I started having issues with one of the big rental companies. My insurance always used the same one, and if I used anyone else then I paid cash, and waited for weeks after the claim was closed before getting reimbursed.  The cool vehicles always seemed to be out, and I always got stuck with the generic run-of-the-mill ‘blah’ car.  Which was fine because I needed transportation while my Truck was in the shop, but I wanted to take that opportunity to drive something nicer, or more luxurious.  I always ended up with the rinky-dink car, and being 6’4″, that was always an issue.

So, I started my own mini-fleet.  Where I get to pick the cars, and share them with other people who need a car while theirs is getting repaired, are in town for the week, or if they just want to drive something different for the weekend.

We want to make sure your time in the area is smooth, and fun.

We want loyal customers.


Some of Our Clients